Class Start Times: limage
Monday: 5pm* 6pm
Tuesday: 09:30am 5:45pm 6:45pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm** 6:15pm*** 6:45pm
Thursday: 5pm 6:45pm
Friday: 09:30am 5pm
Saturday: 09:30am
Sunday: 9:30am
* Beginners Class 30 minute – £3** Spin & Abs

***30 minute express spin


Spinning logo  Getting Started, what to Expect in a Spinning® Class

I’ve never taken a Spinning® class. What should I expect?
If you’re a first timer, let your instructor know. The Instructor makes sure your bike is properly adjusted and explains the Spinning program’s five core movements [Adobe PDF] so you can get the most from your Spinning class —a calorie burning workout that’s challenging and fun.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a Spinning® class?
One of the great things about the Spinning program is that it accommodates all fitness levels. Riders can go at their own pace and control the resistance on the Spinner® bike. Ask the Instructor for guidance if you are unsure about the right level of intensity.

What makes a Spinning® class different from other group exercise classes?
Top-notch, specially trained instructors, invigorating music and visualization come together to make Spinning class both fun and effective. There are no complicated moves to learn and regardless of your fitness level, flexibility or coordination, you can participate in a Spinning class.

How many calories will I burn in a Spinning® class?
The number of calories you’ll burn depends on a number of factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise. On average, participants burn about 400–600 calories in an average Spinning class.